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Vintage wedding dresses are adored by lots of people everywhere for their charm and quiet sophistication. These kinds of dresses are elegantly made and carry the beauty, style and quality of the past while maintaining a modern look. Many people would prefer to wear a vintage wedding dress as opposed to a more modern style for various reasons. The rice can be a big factor- wedding dresses can be very expensive and are a serious investment for many people. You only wear your wedding dress on one day but you still want it to be special and feminine.

Many of the retro wedding dresses around have specific features relevant to the time period of the 1940’s and 50’s. Petticoats can often be found underneath vintage wedding dresses and are helpful in making sure the shape and silhouette of your wedding dress is glamorous and fun! Lace and silk fabrics are used to give the dress an elegant feel and sometimes these fabrics care combined, creating a contrast that is most desirable. Vintage style wedding dresses can appear quite similar top the 50’s tea dresses in terms of length and shape.

Straight and boat necklines were a strong feature with 50’s style wedding dresses and they could be embellished with beaded embroidery or touches of floral lace. Most retro wedding dresses are ivory, a classic, demure colour which adds a splash of innocence and light. In line with the 40’s and 50’s trends of that day, many wedding dresses feature a waist clinching feature which can either be in the shapes of a satin bow or a vintage sash style belt which perfectly matched the dress.

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