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1950's Style Dresses

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If women’s fashion in the 1940s was all about carrying on during and then slowly emerging from war, in the 1950s it all moved forward at speed; as exciting, dynamic and eye-catching styles kept pace with the hopes, aspirations and expectations of the women who wore them.

Perhaps the most iconic dress fashion of the era was that started by Dior’s ‘New Look’ dress, with its fitted bodice and then all the fabric mushrooming out gloriously under the waistline. Such 1950s style dresses not only look great from the outside, but also tactfully understate hips and thighs while accentuating all the right curves in all the right places. This surely has to be one of the big reasons why ’50s vintage dresses remain so popular among fashionistas of all ages!

But that’s to say nothing of the decade’s fashion variety – these wide ‘New Look’ dresses vied with perfect-for-a-party prom dresses and slinkier pencil (or wiggle) dresses. Meanwhile, polka dots, floral patterns and colourful, pop culture prints were topped off by halter necks as the explosion of rock ‘n’ roll give rise to the playfully daring rockabilly look.

So, whether your taste’s for pin-up, prom, rockabilly or even nautical, the world of 1950s fashion is one to dive into and wear to make as big a splash as possible!

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