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1940's Style Dresses

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The 1940s were the era of the Second World War, a pivotal few years in 20th Century history – not least for women’s fashion!

It was an age in which women dressed to impress as they danced the night away to big bands playing irresistible swing music tunes, while their 1940s style dresses – despite having something of a masculine air about them in the early half of the decade, not least with the emergence of shoulder pads – fully embraced femininity as the decade progressed, what with their flattering, fitted waists and rising hemlines due to fabric shortages. Not that many women in their ’40s vintage dresses complained about that!

Also, as the decade entered its second half, style loosened up further with the ‘A-Line’ skirt giving way to the narrower pencil (or wiggle) version – to better show off a woman’s shape and walk – while previously popular patriotic colours (red, white and blue) were joined on both sides of the Atlantic by bright and bold greens, pinks and yellows. Plus, of course, printed patterns became de rigeur; suddenly it was all about florals and polka dots – what better way to put the war years behind you and look to a sunny future!

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