Vintage Style Petticoats

Among many of the important accessories and additions to retro outfits like sash belts, the petticoat is probably the most important. Vintage petticoats are the perfect accompaniment to retro style dresses and skirts. During the 1940’s and 50’s, petticoats were a must have for women wishing to make their skirts and dresses look their very best. They add a glamourous touch to any look giving your dress or skirt extra oomph, and ensuring an eye-catching entrance whether you go!

The vintage style petticoats at Maggie Ann Vintage come in great colour choices which won’t clash with your outfit no matter what its design is. Hell Bunny offer fabulous vintage inspired petticoats in flattering colours. The 50’s vintage style petticoat comes in a range of sizes from sizes 8 to 22. The rockabiity jive petticoat is carefully created with two layers of very soft net fabric. The adjustable waistband also means this petticoat offers a comfortable fit so it’s perfect for everyone. Available in classic black and reds options, it’s impossible to go wrong with such versatile colour choices.

The great thing about vintage petticoats is that they offer you warmth from the cold weather. Wearing a dress in the winter or on an autumnal night can be a nightmare when your legs aren’t completely covered. With a billowing, fluffy petticoat you can be kept warm on chilly evenings. As well as being worn for warmth however, they are also great for giving your skirt or dress a desirable and fashionable shape. If you want a great retro look that shows of the full potential of your skirt or dress, a vintage petticoat is the perfect complimentary fashion accessory.

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