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How to Work the Vintage Look

Sometimes, you will see someone sporting an outfit which treads a fine line between theatricality and reality, and have the confidence to pull it off with aplomb. Wearing unique, individual clothes can be a true reflection of your spirit and creativity, and you should always wear what you feel comfortable in.

If you decide to take the plunge and embrace the exciting, innovative world of vintage clothing then there are some guidelines which you must follow in order to get the look spot-on.

You should always pick garments which look similar to current trends. Many modern-day designers and fashion houses have huge archives of vintage garments that they are constantly adding to on a regular basis, and draw inspiration from their timeless designs. In actual fact, the majority of contemporary fashion is pretty much a re-interpretation of styles from the past, and you would be surprised to witness how close a lot of modern designer clothing comes to replicating older garments.


The chances are, unless you have hours set aside in order to recreate vintage hairstyles right down to the finest detail, your hair and make-up are always going to appear vaguely modern. Simplicity in hair and make-up is a tried and tested way of transforming a vintage outfit and making it completely different. For example, combining 40’s style dresses with smoky, subtle eyes or a slicked back bun will work a treat.

Even contemporary versions of classic hairstyles will add a modern twist yet still hint at a bygone era. Modernised ‘40s loose waves are a favourite amongst Hollywood celebrities, as you will see plenty of similar looks on the red carpet.

40’s style dresses

Pairing vintage clothing with decidedly contemporary bags, sunglasses and shoes is a simple way in which to dramatically ground a garment which may be considered a little ostentatious otherwise. It is easy to keep the overall look streamlined by selecting a shade which is present in the clothing and then wearing accessories in the same colour. Splashes of vibrant colour paired with all-black accessories are also a speedy way in which to modernise classic vintage garments.

Mixing and matching vintage clothing and new separates is perhaps the easiest way of working vintage into your wardrobe. It is simple to take a special piece of vintage attire and making it more wearable, so that you can accessorise accordingly. So if you want to bring a retro feel into the office, then you can do so with gusto.

Even when wearing head-to-toe vintage, it can be possible to accessorise in ways which make your outfit seem more relevant. Mixing eras can, surprisingly, have exactly the same effect as blending new and vintage pieces. It might just be the most fun and exciting way in which to change things up, and you can blend textures and combine colours to make an outfit appear both uniquely modern and completely timeless.

These are just a few ways in which to wear vintage without looking like you are sporting a fancy dress costume. And, just as wearing vintage is a sure-fire way to guarantee that your clothing is entirely unique, you can also support small businesses by shopping at vintage boutique stores and websites.

If you planning on getting hitched, then vintage wedding dresses are absolutely exquisite, as the detail in the design is magnificent. Due to the fact that such great care and precision is put into every piece you are guaranteed to be the centre of attention and they will make your big day extra special and memorable.

Chiffon dresses in particular are ideal if you want to hold your nuptials outside, especially in the warmer summer months. They are light and airy and go perfectly with a cream bouquet or ivory fascinator. Here’s to the bride and groom!

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