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Want To Have a Killer Autumn And Winter Wardrobe?

Autumn and winter are coming, and knowing how to wrap up but still stay looking fresh will be the key to your fashion happiness.

Weather wise it does seem that the seasons are all over the place. The term Indian summer has really come into play in the last few years with the temperatures staying surprisingly warm through the autumn months. Even though this may be the case, we’ve still got to keep on trend with the latest autumn and winter must haves. This is because despite the weather, we can never be too prepared for a sudden burst of cold and when it does  eventually come, which it will, we’ll want to look as fleek as possible. This is why when it comes to winter and autumn wardrobes; we’ve brought you some of the best styles out there, whether it’s inspired by 1950’s style dresses or the most innovative items in the fashion world. So what intrinsic correlation between progressive designers and consumer instincts can we find during the next few months?

1950’s style dresses

Suits are in

One of the best things about autumn and winter is that it gives you a justification for wearing a suit all season long. The cold weather is exactly the right climate for several tight layers, and the suits coming in this year are truly phenomenal. With Alexander McQueen recently showcasing their loose flowing black suit and pinstripes coming abck in, you can be sure to see many of the world’s best designers showcasing some great suits. For instance, Calvin Klein’s monochrome grey pleated suit is one not to be missed and variations of it will no doubt be seen up and down the high street as companies get ready for the winter season.

Post-war blue

One colour which has come up time and time again in showcases for this autumn and winter season is post-war blue. For any of those who love their 1950’s dresses and vintage accessories, look out for this sky blue colour which evokes memories of the colours which came into fashion after the war. You can find this colour on a range of shirts, dresses and other items of clothing this autumn and winter.

Leather with a soft touch

Not all leather has to be as hard as a biker. Woman’s fashion may see the return of soft leather in the form of gloves, boots and handbags, making it both coy and durable whilst also maintaining a relaxed and less austere touch. Leather will always be a cold weather staple, the material being sturdy in any weather condition.

Spring dresses are still in

Despite flowing dress season is well and truly over as autumn and winter set in, spring dresses are still back with a more layered twist. This means that you can still keep the look whilst also being able to layer up ass the cold weather sets in. It can be used on anything from trousers, gloves and shirts to handbags and other accessories.

Functional handbags

Handbags are back to their simple and functional ways this season. The handbag is now becoming simpler, in bold colours with simple clasps and enough space for everything you’ll need during your travels this season. There are amny great bags to choose from and they’re getting big as well it seems, giving you enough space for whatever your winter and autumn days may require.

Boots giving your style a kick

Boots are a must this autumn and winter. Whatever your style, whether leather or suede or further afield, the mid length boot is coming back, partly due to its durability and functionality but also because of the attitude it brings with it.

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