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Vintage for the win: 4 great reasons why you should retro

Living in the past’s generally considered a bad thing. And, let’s be honest, for good reason. We all surely have to live our lives in the present while looking to the future, more than constantly dwelling on times past – and yet, in some ways it’s as well to look back. After all, how else can we learn and not repeat past mistakes – as individuals, societies and the world as a whole. And, when it comes to less lofty matters, it’s fun and enjoyable to indulge in things of yesteryear; it brings comfort, familiarity and a healthy appreciation for the indisputable fact that not everything worthwhile, let alone best, is always brand-spanking new.

Timeless items

And practically everyone knows that’s undoubtedly true when you’re talking fashion. Now, from some quarters, vintage clobber often gets a bad rap, but why is that? Let’s face it; mostly because the driving force of the fashion industry is the need to make money and so the latest trends have to be pushed to produce and maintain interest. This means we live in an age of ‘fast fashion’; things can feel like they move intolerably quickly and great looks and quality clobber falls out of fashion all too quickly. Is that fair? Well, people have different opinions on that, sure; but one thing’s certain, it’s great to revisit past styles, looks and lines because some things are simply timeless. In which case, why shouldn’t you go back to get ahead?

Back to the future

Ah, remember that classic ’80s movie? They were on to something there; because fashion pretty much always goes in cycles – what goes around comes around. Eventually, practically everything seems to come back into fashion. There’s also a saying that, in reality, there’s only ever been seven different stories (every other one is just a variation of one or more of the original seven); you can look on fashion in a similar way – there may only be a limited number of fantastic fashion ideas… and we have seen many of them already! No question then, great looking trends will come back sometime soon – so why not get ahead of the curve by going the vintage route and be ready for it when one of them comes around next and hits the high street again? Plus, lest we forget; terrific timeless looks simply, really never go out of fashion – they’re always en vogue. So you can always pull off such vintage touches as part of an outfit – in fact, they help you to look the best dressed on the street, in the office or out on the tiles come the weekend!

Vintage Clothing UK

Quality never goes out of the fashion

Unquestionably, this is one of the reasons why timeless looks are always in – they tend to be properly tailored, made to last and always look good because their materials and manufacturing process are quality, through and through. And this goes for whatever vintage clothing UK you’re talking about – second-hand items you spy in specialist retro outlets, used bits and bobs you pick up in flea-markets or, indeed, new clothing in vintage styles you purchase online from retailers like Maggie Ann Vintage. The ‘make do and mend’ mentality comes from a different, earlier age definitely – but it ensures durability, clothes with proper lifetimes and overall quality you can depend on.

Freedom of expression

Finally, when it comes to fashion; there’s always the (somewhat counter-) argument that you shouldn’t follow the herd. You should find your own groove; your own way of doing things; your own style. Just because you’re wearing clothes to look good, you should feel comfortable in your own skin. As Ray Davies suggested in that unforgettable tune from the Swinging Sixties, there’s many a dedicated follower of fashion, but how many of them are really doing their own thing? How many are expressing themselves and who they really are? If you’re more drawn to vintage styles, looks, lines and accessories, why compromise? Why be a sheep? Allow yourself to dress how you want and experiment and stand out from the crowd – however much you feel like doing – by going the vintage route. The likelihood is, once you’ve started with vintage, you’ll never look back!

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