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Vintage Wedding Dresses To Die For

It’s always difficult to plan a wedding let alone find the perfect dress, so inspired by the story of Madison Kantzer, we’ve rounded up some of the best vintage wedding dresses out there.

vintage wedding dress in London

It’s often very difficult to plan what you’ll wear for a wedding, especially when all eyes are on you, the bride. The pressure is high and this will most likely be one of the most special days of your life so making sure that it’s perfect is high on the priorities. Finding a wedding dress can be tricky and expensive, whether you’re looking for a vintage wedding dress in London or not.

Madison Kantzer’s story

Madison Kantzer from Maryland’s story began when her own mother was 14 years old. When at that age Madison’s grandmother died at the age of 40, leaving Madison in the future to grow up surrounded by stories about her grandmother. Most of these came from both Madison’s mother and her mother’s carers, Carl and Geraldine Simon. They would tell Madison stories in her youth about her grandmother and how progressive she was for someone of her time. But as much as her progressive attitudes and shared interest in humanity subjects, both shared an interest in fashion. This led to Madison to take her grandmothers dress for her own during her wedding reflecting the feminist attitude and rebellious nature of the grandmother she never met. This shared disgust for the patriarchy led to both stylish women wearing the same dress for life shaping moments of their lives. The Hirshleifers bought New York dress was purchased by Grandmother Adele in 1966 and was used 51 years alter by her granddaughter for her wedding day. The dress fit very well and the day was a great success, the cherry on the cake being the vintage outfit which reflected the woman Madison never met but respected so deeply.

For many, finding a dress with so much emotional and symbolic relevance would be difficult. The best we can do is to find a throwback style which itself shows years of history, taking that history and using it on our special day. There many beautiful styles to choose from, dating back to 20’s era vintage which could make your wedding day even more special. Below are just a few of the vintage styles which brides to be will go crazy for even in 2017!

Geometric patterns

Art deco is the name of the game, with pearls and beading in geometric patterns. This will add various dimensions t your wedding dress whilst the throwback style will definitely be one that will turn heads when you walk down the aisle. Art deco dates back to the 1920’s and brings back memories of glittering sequins and chevron lace.

Nude colours and Hollywood’s golden age

Looking for a sleek and sexy throwback? Try some nude colours on your wedding dress for a subtle homage to the Hollywood golden age. Try being a starlet for your big day and show your best vintage dress of when walking down the aisle.

Beaded wedding dresses

Beaded wedding dresses are coming back in this year and are reminiscent again of the art deco 20’s and 30’s. Whether you’re going for the all-out glam or something more subtle, these beaded dresses are not to be missed.

Vintage Titanic Tea dresses

Be the Rose to your Jack and try out these embroidered sheer sleeved 20’s and 30’s style Victorian lace wedding dresses. Much like those worn on the ill-fated titanic, you can definitely find happier romance during your big day. These dresses are both alluring and classy, giving you the best of both worlds.

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