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  • Vintage Wedding Dresses To Die For

    It’s always difficult to plan a wedding let alone find the perfect dress, so inspired by the story of Madison Kantzer, we’ve rounded up some of the best vintage wedding dresses out there.

    vintage wedding dress in London

    It’s often very difficult to plan what you’ll wear for a wedding, especially when all eyes are on you, the bride. The pressure is high and this will most likely be one of the most special days of your life so making sure that it’s perfect is high on the priorities. Finding a wedding dress can be tricky and expensive, whether you’re looking for a vintage wedding dress in London or not.

    Madison Kantzer’s story

    Madison Kantzer from Maryland’s story began when her own mother was 14 years old. When at that age Madison’s grandmother died at the age of 40, leaving Madison in the future to grow up surrounded by stories about her grandmother. Most of these came from both Madison’s mother and her mother’s carers, Carl and Geraldine Simon. They would tell Madison stories in her youth about her grandmother and how progressive she was for someone of her time. But as much as her progressive attitudes and shared interest in humanity subjects, both shared an interest in fashion. This led to Madison to take her grandmothers dress for her own during her wedding reflecting the feminist attitude and rebellious nature of the grandmother she never met. This shared disgust for the patriarchy led to both stylish women wearing the same dress for life shaping moments of their lives. The Hirshleifers bought New York dress was purchased by Grandmother Adele in 1966 and was used 51 years alter by her granddaughter for her wedding day. The dress fit very well and the day was a great success, the cherry on the cake being the vintage outfit which reflected the woman Madison never met but respected so deeply.

    For many, finding a dress with so much emotional and symbolic relevance would be difficult. The best we can do is to find a throwback style which itself shows years of history, taking that history and using it on our special day. There many beautiful styles to choose from, dating back to 20’s era vintage which could make your wedding day even more special. Below are just a few of the vintage styles which brides to be will go crazy for even in 2017!

    Geometric patterns

    Art deco is the name of the game, with pearls and beading in geometric patterns. This will add various dimensions t your wedding dress whilst the throwback style will definitely be one that will turn heads when you walk down the aisle. Art deco dates back to the 1920’s and brings back memories of glittering sequins and chevron lace.

    Nude colours and Hollywood’s golden age

    Looking for a sleek and sexy throwback? Try some nude colours on your wedding dress for a subtle homage to the Hollywood golden age. Try being a starlet for your big day and show your best vintage dress of when walking down the aisle.

    Beaded wedding dresses

    Beaded wedding dresses are coming back in this year and are reminiscent again of the art deco 20’s and 30’s. Whether you’re going for the all-out glam or something more subtle, these beaded dresses are not to be missed.

    Vintage Titanic Tea dresses

    Be the Rose to your Jack and try out these embroidered sheer sleeved 20’s and 30’s style Victorian lace wedding dresses. Much like those worn on the ill-fated titanic, you can definitely find happier romance during your big day. These dresses are both alluring and classy, giving you the best of both worlds.

  • Going retro – and other wedding dress trends for 2018

    The major fashion weeks, wherever they might take place, aren’t just a pointer for the following year’s general fashion, but what might be the trends and favourite looks for bridal fashion of the following year. And, to that end, this year’s catwalk-athons in London, Paris, New York and Milan have thrown us some fascinating insights of the near future’s bridal wear. Here are some thoughts on what’ll be popular in 2018…

    Black and white

    Why not go monochrome? White may be the classic, nay pure look for a wedding, but it’s not like it’s a rule you can only wear one colour on your big day, so how about mixing it up and blending white with black? Whether you want to go simple with separate coloured halves or sections of the dress or go for a showier confection where, say, a white dress is trimmed with black ribbons and a belt, it’s entirely up to you. Either way, it makes for a bold but elegant look.

    And what about other colours? On its own, a snow white shade can be a little unforgiving with some skin tones, so you might opt instead for subtle shades; pale gold or svelte silver could look fantastic with the right dress design.

    Floral prints

    The idea of going the floral route for your wedding dress may seem a little odd – too colourful? Too summery? But why not? There’s no reason why all those wedding bouquets shouldn’t extend to what you wear. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t match them with your dress. Indeed, fashionistas are swearing by the floral look right now; they’re all over the catwalks. Why not don a floral gown down the aisle next year?

    Big bows make a big splash

    They definitely did in the 1940s and decades later in the ‘big’ decade of the ’80s and they made something of a comeback last year – and this year’s trend is for even bigger bows. Some designers are going all out for enormous knots on the backs of their dresses; maybe you’d prefer to opt for elegant little ties down the sleeves of a gown?

    vintage wedding dresses London

    Go retro

    On New York’s bridal catwalks this year 1950s-style dresses were all the rage. Don’t believe us? Well, at the Oscar de la Renta show, there was even a denim jacket added to the ensemble to give it the true teenybopper-cum-rockabilly treatment. Denim may not be your idea of a dream appearance for your wedding day, but if the mood takes you, wherever you fancy looking for vintage wedding dresses London or otherwise (or why not online?), you’re bound to come up trumps.

    Slim satin lines

    Sticking with the retro theme, there’s no question that figure-hugging 1940s-style dresses are en vogue right now. That is, a streamlined dress with a hint of shoulder pads. Are they really ideal for bridal wear? Well, think of Pippa Midddleton’s bridesmaid dress for her sister’s wedding to Prince William – imagine being decked out in something like that for your big day!

    Enchanting tulle

    The magical fabric that’s tulle – commonly associated with veils and ballet dancers’ tutus – has been a catwalk favourite this year, so expect it be a favourite in bridal fashion next year too. Is it likely to stretch beyond veils? Quite possibly; it’s not hard to imagine it being embraced by designers for both shoulder and hemline features. And maybe more.

    Beautiful bodices

    Weddings are as much about the memories as they are an experience in the present. And, despite the fact we live in the Instagram age when every day’s an opportunity to get snap-happy, your wedding day remains a truly major photo-day. That means you’ll want to look as radiant as possible up-close – what better way to ensure that than via a bodice-dominated dress, where the torso is brilliantly embellished, while complemented (by way of contrast) with a relatively simple dress below?

    Make the leap to a jumpsuit?

    Finally… jumpsuits. Really? Maybe not utterly ideal for a traditional church service, but should you be considering a registry wedding or an urban-set celebration a jumpsuit could be just the sleek, sophisticated outfit to top off your big day to a tee.

  • Belly-blasting Diet Tips to Get You Ready for Your Wedding Day

    Your wedding day is one of the most important days you’ll ever have! With an engagement ring on and the big day quickly coming into view, you might find yourself examining your figure a little more closely and worrying about a few extra pounds. You deserve to look your absolute best on your wedding day and to feel like the beautiful blushing bride you are. Your upcoming wedding may be inspiring you to tackle your weight or fitness once and for all and it’s great that you have decided to take action. Many women can end up doing more damage to themselves by going to drastic lengths in attempts to shed the pounds and slim down for their wedding day. Some quick fixes and extreme measures can really end up doing more harm than good and are often not feasible measures for the long term. They fail a lot of the time and then you are back to square one, miserable and still hoping to drop the weight. It is much better to make small but significant changes which will not only help you shed the pounds- they will keep them off! This article will offer some brilliantly simple diet tips which will blast that difficult to budge belly fat and see you on your way to having that svelte figure you’ve always dreamed of. These tips will have you looking radiant in your Vintage Wedding Dress and glowing from the inside out.


    Keep A Diet Diary Tracking your food will help you immensely and will also shed light on the junk food you may not have realised you were eating. Hidden calories are not a myth and you may be surprised at how many are in your large glass of wine or how many are packed into packaged foods. By making a note of what you are eating and how many calories you are consuming, you’ll be able to manage your healthy eating better journey better and make better dietary choices.


    Don’t Skip Breakfast It may sound cliche but breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. By getting up and preparing a healthy breakfast in the morning you are setting the stage for the rest of the day. Eating breakfast also helps immensely in getting your metabolism fired up so you’re burning more calories throughout the day. Try eating a low fat protein breakfast such as boiled or poached eggs. Eggs are so filling and good for you and they hardly have any calories. Try it and see!

    Schedule In Time For Your Fitness Food is only one half of the battle when it comes to losing weight. You have to get your body moving! With your wedding day coming up you’ll want to make the most of your time by getting in some extra workouts. This is the perfect time to make the most of the early mornings by going for a jog or you can workout at home. These days they are hundreds of workout videos on YouTube so roll out your exercise mat, turn the laptop on and get ready to sweat!


    Cut Down On The Wine Overindulging in wine makes you more likely to binge on unhealthy foods! Wine also contains lots of empty calories and contains lots of sugar so it’s not a good idea to crack open that bottle after work. Once you’ve gotten to your goal weight or fitness, you can slowly introduce wine back into your diet. Remember: moderation is key!


    Don’t Take Shortcuts If you are desperate to lose weight quickly you may be tempted to try a fad or do something which guarantees to drop the weight fast. Don’t. There’s no such thing as a quick fix and crash diets, diet pills and other fads are harmful for your body and long term goals. Take it slow, track your diet, drink lots of water, make sure your getting enough rest, and make sure you find time to work out. It’s really that simple!

  • The Evolution Of The Wedding Dress: A Look At The Last 100 Years

    The obsession with wedding dresses is nothing new among women who are fascinated by these stunning gowns, worn at once-in a lifetime occasions. Whether we love to see our favourite celebrities in a wedding dress, a family member of friend- or if we have worn one ourselves, this dress is one that beats them all in terms of its sheer importance in our lives. Over the past 100 years, wedding dresses have changed drastically, and everything from silhouette, colour, length and fabric has changed as time has moved forward. Bu what were older wedding dresses like?

    In this article we’ll look at the lifespan journey of the vintage wedding dress and examine how they appeared, starting from the 1900’s and going up 90’s.

     1900’s- In the 1990’s wedding dresses sported an S shaped corset and were mainly worn to draw in the stomach in a waist cinching style which was flattering. Frills were also commonplace with these wedding dresses and were often found on the bodice to accentuate the overall look. Wedding dresses had wide puffy sleeves, high necklines, gloves and even veiled hats, so this was a decidedly demure look!

    This look was popular thanks to Queen Victoria, who popularized the look and birthed the ‘white wedding’ concept, when she wore a beautiful snow white wedding dress on her wedding day to Prince Albert.

    1930’s- By the 1930’s wedding dresses weren’t as glamourous as their counterparts in the 1990’s. Due to the economic hardship that had gripped the country during that time, women just had to grab whatever they could get their hands on- essentially, finding the nicest dress in their closets, to wear. Wedding dresses were generally floral and fell to calf length with waistlines becoming more prominent, with the new dress style. Women also wore hats instead of veils (perhaps they couldn’t afford them!) and more affordable dress material was used- rayon, instead of the traditional but pricier silk that was used.

    The infamous era meant that money was very tight and hard to come by. Many brides who had bought a wedding dress made sure it was able to be dyed so it could be worn again because there were no funds to obtain a new one.

     1940’s – In the 1940’s wedding dresses were very modest and consisted of white or ivory gowns with satin or lace sleeves. They had long veils and the skirts were either A line or the fuller ball gown styles.


     1950’s-  In the 50’s, wedding dresses mainly consisted of tea dresses, swing dresses, elegant lace sleeve dresses and tulle ball gowns. The look was incredibly beautiful, and is still worn today as its retro inspired. The dresses would be white or ivory just like in the 1940’s and the waist cinching was another popular feature which remains today.


    1960’s- In the 1960’s wedding dresses changed again, this time moving the waistlines higher and donning empire line silhouettes. By this time necklines were still demure and veils were shorter in length than they previously were. Embellishments were popular additions to wedding dresses and metallic details, daises and other details were often used. The 1960’s saw the start of the ‘space age’ which was all about metallic embellishments and reflective decorations. This was also a time when there were a large number of ‘society’ weddings such as Princess Margret’s wedding to Anthony Armstrong Jones. During this pivotal period there was huge amount of social change, with the rise of many groups such as hippies and rockers, and this greatly influenced the fashion scene. 

    1990’s- By this time fashion was much more modernised and wedding dresses took on a more minimalist feel. Embellishments were no longer used anymore- so no more beads, lace and other decorations. If they were used it was sparingly. In its place flower crowns, and simple straightforward veils were used and were the only additions to wedding dresses. In terms of fit and shape, the 1990’s wedding dress silhouette was much more fitted and figure hugging. The 1990’s era was all about combining glamour with classic Americana styles. At this time romantic couples began to have their weddings abroad in warmer countries and so their dresses reflected this, being more free flowing and loose.

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