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vintage style dresses UK

  • When the old meets the new: how to wear vintage in the 21st Century

    vintage style dresses UK

    With vintage and retro clothing from each and every ear proving more popular than ever before, there’s no exact science to getting it right – and to wearing it right. But, let’s be honest, you can get it wrong; indeed, you could throw on a number of things from yesteryear and look like you’re on your way to a costume party. So, what can you do to make sure you’re on the right path? What tips should you try to follow to look chic and cool as well as retro and old-school…?

    Accessorise at first

    Kicking things off in a simple way is probably a good idea. How to do that best? Well, nothing beats starting small – and that means supplementing a modern outfit with vintage accessories. An age-old favourite fashion practice, for sure; but one that rarely fails. For instance, minimal effort and maximum effect in this way can be achieved by throwing on a simple white t-shirt with blue jeans and a stylish, attention-grabbing belt from back in the day. Moreover, if you’re on a budget, accessories can be a handy way to get into the world of vintage/ retro fashion by not making costly mistakes – belts, brooches, bangles, necklaces, hats and scarves aren’t shouldn’t cost you the earth.

    Look to today’s trends

    Lacking the confidence to trust your instincts fully and throw together an outfit from vintage items alone or vintage mixed with modern? You can find a middle ground between going for broke and the dull safe option of just going modern by letting today’s designer and media trendsetters guide you through what’ll look hot from among vintage/ retro pieces. Sounds unlikely? Don’t doubt it; what goes around comes around in fashion – it always has done; always will do. The vast majority of designers nowadays look back for influence and inspiration in looking forward, thus you may find it easier than you expect to match current trends with pieces from yesteryear.

    vintage style dresses UK

    Mix it up by mixing it together

    Once you’ve mastered looking urgent and current via vintage/ retro items, you can push further by mixing and matching old garments with their latest counterparts. Thanks to recycled trends, it’s – again – relatively easy to create an outfit by throwing together high-street clothes with those picked up from an online or shop-based vintage/ retro retailer, so long as you put some thought and care into it. For instance, how about combining an Edwardian blouse with a modern miniskirt? Or one of those classic ’50s-style vintage dresses with a plain t-shirt (or even a graphic-featuring one for a little more fun flair)? Plus, you can apply your accessorising skills – covered above – here; match not just clothes together but vintage and modern necklaces, brooches and scarves with your togs. The possibilities – so long as it looks good – are endless.

    Build an outfit around a ‘statement item’

    Touching on the last point above, how about picking out a single excellent vintage item and creating an entire outfit around it; make that item the stylish, flashy statement-making centrepiece and supplement it with current ‘lesser’ pieces and modern accessories? The trick here is about finding and blending together things that don’t offset but complement one another. For example, modern accessories will doubtless work well with one of those boho-bold vintage style dresses UK so long as they’re fairly basic and understated.

    Embrace different eras

    As mentioned, clothes designers aren’t afraid to draw their inspiration from the entire history of fashion, so why shouldn’t you? Again, so long as you deploy thought and care, why not mix together items through different decades? Granted; it may take some time to get this exactly right – and it’ll probably require the sort of confidence that comes with an (ahem) vintage veteran. But there’s no reason to think you won’t get there and aren’t capable of doing it. After all, just imagine popping out for cocktails in a 1950s- or ’40s-style dress with a classic clutch or retro handbag and completing the outfit with a stylish coat from the ’60s or ’70s on top? In the land of vintage, the world can be your oyster!


  • Mixing the old with the new: top tips for wearing vintage

    It may sound a daunting task, but mixing vintage fashion with modern togs is definitely possible, should you fancy doing so. In fact, get it right and the look can be devastating.  Different items of clothing, irrespective of what decade their look dates from or even when they were originally manufactured, can definitely go together, should you have a keen eye and put a bit of consider into how you mix and match. Not convinced? Read on and discover some of our tips for getting the most out of your vintage clobber by incorporating it into the maximum number of outfits you genuinely can…

    How should you mix vintage with modern?

    So, mixing old and new in fashion terms is actually easier in practice than you may imagine. And that’s because, if you’re dealing with clothing items – or accessories – that are simple and therefore versatile, there’s a good chance they’ll go with other such items. Indeed, you might want to consider such pieces as your ‘wardrobe essentials’ – it doesn’t matter whether if an item’s new or old; if it works as a building block of several different outfits, it can be considered a mainstay (there’s no need then, if it’s vintage, to keep it in a special ‘vintage draw’).

    Indeed, you may want to think along the lines of:

    • Vintage ‘essentials’ that go with modern accessories – how many of your retro items can you embellish with contemporary additions like stylish clutch purses or trendy sandals?
    • Modern ‘essentials’ that go with vintage accessories – up-to-date garments (a fairly basic single-tone shirt, blouse or dress) can be enhanced with vintage touches like a floral handbag or round tortoise sunglasses.

    Vintage as the focus

    Should you be rummaging through your wardrobe and pull out a favourite old-fashioned blazer – or come across a fantastic, nay beautiful example of vintage style dresses UK via a specialist online retailer that you just have to buy – you may suddenly have the urge to make it the centrepiece of an outfit. Fair enough. But how do you complement it with modern additions – accessories and other contemporary garments like a t-shirt, shoes, a bag or jewellery?

    vintage style dresses UK

    The trick is keeping it simple; looks-wise, that is. Following the credo outlined above, if the vintage piece is bold and attention grabbing, supplement it with basic modern touches that won’t jar with it, thus won’t try to make fashion statements on their own. Conversely, if the vintage item’s on the basic, less-is-more side, feel free to do the opposite.

    How to style vintage with modern

    The above tips are all very well, of course, but what about genuinely looking stylish? What about not just mixing and matching the modern and vintage aspects of your collection because you fancy doing so, but looking properly chic as you do so? How can you really pull that off?

    Wearing vintage right is all about being honest with yourself. How does it really look? If the appearance is verging on costume, then it’s probably not the outfit combo for a work-day (whatever the work environment) or a night out; let alone a stylish outfit at that. You need to mix well and not just throw together several of your favourite pieces – you might be surprised by what best goes together from among your contemporary and vintage items, so don’t be afraid to experiment; in fact, experimentation is key.

    To keep it cool and not too outlandish, you might want to try and employ a 50/50 ratio – half of the outfit vintage; the other half contemporary. For instance, balance out a vintage blouse with sleek up-to-date pants or a simple skirt; with a vintage dress, add high-heeled modern sandals. There’s no golden rule or silver bullet – and there shouldn’t be, as you it’s also about feeling happy and comfortable in what you’re wearing and expressing yourself – but balance is a good aim to achieve, for sure.

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