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The Vintage Comeback: Mid-calf Hemline

Vintage fashion styles are constantly making comebacks and it’s all thanks to their immense popularity. Whether its 1950’s Style Dresses or outfits that were worn in the 40’s, they have all made their rounds in the current fashion circuit- and it’s amazing to see! Vintage styles are timeless, appearing to never go out of fashion, and women all around the world seem to love the various shapes, cuts and silhouettes the retro style can offer. The last couple of years have seen the return of gingham, distressed denim, logo sweaters and much more. The fashion industry waited patiently to see what the next trend would be, and how quickly the catwalks would pick up on it. Would the trend be a throwback from the 40’s, 60’s or maybe even the 90’s? And will people want to wear it-flaunt it in true vintage fashion? In this article, we will look at the vintage trend taking the fashion world by storm in 2017 and look at why this vintage style is adored by women and fashion designers everywhere. The Return of A Famous Vintage Silhouette This year the fashion world is going crazy for the vintage inspired silhouette made famous in the 50’s by world famous fashion label Dior. The mid-calf hemline may sound modest enough, but it was a style that demanded attention, even back then! The 1950’s were a time when teenagers and young women yearned for more independence and freedom and one of the ways in which they could achieve this independence was through their fashion. The 50’s was full of women in fun, bold outfits- mainly dresses- and it is that attitude, spark and beauty that has carried this trend forward to where we are now in 2017. Every woman had a dress on in the 1950’s as they were the main staple in a women’s wardrobe. In other words, women wore dresses in the 50’s the same way we wear jeans and a t-shirt today! The skirt portion of the dress is where the difference was between the two types of dresses worn back then. One skirt was full and flared and fell at mid-calf length, and this one has been the most popular style ever since. This is the dress style that inspired Dior’s New Look full-skirted dresses.


The dresses by Dior were absolutely showstoppers when they were first introduced to the catwalk. The dresses featured a bodice which was fitted, accentuating the tiny waist and there was a gathered skirt which ballooned out from the waistline. The fullness of the skirt was made using lots of gathered or pleated lightweight fabric. They could be styled with a petticoat underneath which further added to the fullness of the skirt. These dresses are called swing dresses.

Fashion Designers Adopt The New Hemline In 2017, fashion designers have wasted no time in replicating this beautifully feminine dress and using them on their catwalks. This season Valentino and Balenciaga decided they would use the vintage dress style, as well as high street chain store Forever New, and online retailers Fame and Partners. The vintage prom style dresses have been incredibly popular since they were introduced, and it’s no wonder why! This dress style may not be daring or overtly attention grabbing, but it has huge appeal for many vintage loving women and retro hipster girls. One of the reasons for this is that waist cinching dresses have always been popular and attractive. Women want to wear clothing that makes them feel and look good, and having a feminine small waist on an adorable dress offers the perfect look. This dress will not be going anywhere anytime soon and neither will the mid-calf hemline. Since swing dresses can be worn during the winter with some cosy tights, we might just be seeing this dress again much later on in the year.

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