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Storing You Special Vintage Pieces The Right Way

Many women have a passion for fashion and in particular, vintage clothing, which is very popular for its feminine, flattering style. Vintage dresses, accessories, and general clothing are often very fragile since they have a rustic quality and this means they require great care. If you aren’t careful with your vintage pieces, they can quite quickly become ruined, stained or damaged and this will destroy your collection. In order to keep your vintage clothing in the best condition possible, and for the possibility of deterioration to decrease greatly, it’s important to follow some basic rules. In this article we will go though some important maintenance tips that will enable you to keep your vintage clothing looking its very best for many years to come.

Keep It Clean Before storing your precious vintage clothing away make sure that the pieces are clean. Most vintage clothing will require you to take them to a dry cleaners, but it’s always best to consult a textiles expert if you are unsure about a particular piece. This is especially important if your pieces are fragile or very antique. If you’re ever in doubt about how to clean a vintage garment, seek the advice of an expert so you don’t do your pieces any damage.


Keep It Cool We might like hot environments but your vintage pieces certainly won’t! It’s important to remember not to store your garments in places which are humid or damp as the heat and moisture will cause your pieces to become damaged! Storing your garments out of the sunlight and in a cool, dry area will ensure that your garments won’t become weak and faded. Nobody wants faded washed out clothing!


Don’t Use Hangers This might sound like a strange one but it’s imperative that you don’t use a hanger when you are storing your vintage pieces. Doing so will stretch and distort the fabric of your vintage clothing, rendering it unwearable! If you must use hangers to store you vintage garments, use a padded one instead of one that is metal as this will ensure your items are protected whilst being out of the way.

Use A Box One of the best ways you can store your vintage garments is by using a museum grade textile box lined with acid free tissue. If your garment requires folding you should place acid free tissues between the folds and create a cylindrical cushion out of the tissue which will stop the fold creasing the fabric.


Keep The Moisture And Pests Away Another tip which is often overlooked when it comes to storing vintage garments correctly is the use of museum grade silica grade gel packets. Placing these inside your storage box will go a long way in helping to prevent moisture and keeping the pests away. Using museum approved pest deterrents are also advisable when it comes to keeping those pesky creatures out of your precious vintage garments.

Check Your Vintage Clothing Periodically Once you’ve safely and correctly stored you vintage clothing away, without metal hangers, and away from moisture and heat, make sure you don’t just forget about your garments! You should aim to be checking your vintage items at least once a month to make sure the garments are still in good condition, and that the environment remains suitable as time passes.

If You’re Unsure: Ask A Professional If you are unsure about how to store your vintage clothing or how to clean and maintain the pieces, you should always seek professional advice. It’s much better to ask someone who knows specifically about vintage clothes, and get the right help than to guess, or worse still make a mistake which could jeopardize the quality of your collection.

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