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Mix the Current and Contemporary with Stunning Vintage Pieces

When you first start to piece together a vintage outfit, then it is easy to fall into the trap of looking like you have just stepped out of a time machine. It may be appropriate for a ‘40s costume party, but if you want to wear classic pieces on a daily basis you need to create a more contemporary look which still has vintage elements.

But how do you get started? If you are new to the vintage game then it is best to keep things simple. You could begin by adding vintage accessories to a modern outfit. One key accessory such as a large patent belt could perfectly balance out an otherwise contemporary look. Take some time to think about wardrobe basics like a plain white T-shirt and a pair of boot-cut jeans. Just throw on a statement vintage belt over this classic look and you are ready to head out for the night.

They are also fantastic if you have to stick to a tight budget. You can get several pieces for the same amount as a single item of clothing. With a few accessories you can then create completely different outfits. Perhaps you could mix things up with a gorgeous scarf or pretty leather satchel, and really go to town. Also search for vintage necklaces, brooches, shoes and hats, and then think about what garments you can match them with.

You can always get inspired by current trends. Maybe you are not yet confident about pairing up vintage and modern pieces. If this is the case then look for vintage clothes which are similar to current fashions. A prime example is the comeback of the suede skirt. They were absolutely huge in the sixties and seventies, and have experienced a successful revival of late. All you need to do is find one which fits perfectly and looks great teamed with a pair of black heels, seamed stockings and a pretty, frilly top.

It is always a great idea to create a fashion statement with quirky vintage pieces. Vintage style dresses can be worn with modern accessories, yet still remain the primary focal point due to their beautiful, elegant appearance and timeless style. You do not want to draw too much attention to yourself by wearing accessories which will clash with your statement piece. When you are wearing something striking like a polka dot dress, keep accessories minimal.

If you manage to obtain a fifties-style skirt, then there are endless possibilities when it comes to styling. Keep things casual by wearing it with a patterned or plain T-shirt, depending on your own personal preferences. These skirts are already dressy enough on their own so you do not need to make many modifications, even if you want to dress them up for a formal event. A simple printed top with a statement necklace, brooch or bracelet will be all it takes to really work this look.


If you want to party in style and make sure that all eyes on you then vintage prom dresses will do just the trick. They are girly and charming and a little bit different from the usual, run of the mill frocks which you normally see at important gala events. You do not need to go all out in order to dress to impress, as simplicity is often far more effective than if you overdo it and take things to extremes.

Cute rockabilly skirts are created to suit all body shapes, and if you pair these gorgeous garments with the right footwear then this will certainly cause a stir. If you are planning a romantic dinner for two and have been searching for the perfect ensemble then you will have hit the jackpot. Just remember that a couple of accessories are all you need in order to pull an outfit off and embrace the vintage look wholeheartedly.

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