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Going retro – and other wedding dress trends for 2018

The major fashion weeks, wherever they might take place, aren’t just a pointer for the following year’s general fashion, but what might be the trends and favourite looks for bridal fashion of the following year. And, to that end, this year’s catwalk-athons in London, Paris, New York and Milan have thrown us some fascinating insights of the near future’s bridal wear. Here are some thoughts on what’ll be popular in 2018…

Black and white

Why not go monochrome? White may be the classic, nay pure look for a wedding, but it’s not like it’s a rule you can only wear one colour on your big day, so how about mixing it up and blending white with black? Whether you want to go simple with separate coloured halves or sections of the dress or go for a showier confection where, say, a white dress is trimmed with black ribbons and a belt, it’s entirely up to you. Either way, it makes for a bold but elegant look.

And what about other colours? On its own, a snow white shade can be a little unforgiving with some skin tones, so you might opt instead for subtle shades; pale gold or svelte silver could look fantastic with the right dress design.

Floral prints

The idea of going the floral route for your wedding dress may seem a little odd – too colourful? Too summery? But why not? There’s no reason why all those wedding bouquets shouldn’t extend to what you wear. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t match them with your dress. Indeed, fashionistas are swearing by the floral look right now; they’re all over the catwalks. Why not don a floral gown down the aisle next year?

Big bows make a big splash

They definitely did in the 1940s and decades later in the ‘big’ decade of the ’80s and they made something of a comeback last year – and this year’s trend is for even bigger bows. Some designers are going all out for enormous knots on the backs of their dresses; maybe you’d prefer to opt for elegant little ties down the sleeves of a gown?

vintage wedding dresses London

Go retro

On New York’s bridal catwalks this year 1950s-style dresses were all the rage. Don’t believe us? Well, at the Oscar de la Renta show, there was even a denim jacket added to the ensemble to give it the true teenybopper-cum-rockabilly treatment. Denim may not be your idea of a dream appearance for your wedding day, but if the mood takes you, wherever you fancy looking for vintage wedding dresses London or otherwise (or why not online?), you’re bound to come up trumps.

Slim satin lines

Sticking with the retro theme, there’s no question that figure-hugging 1940s-style dresses are en vogue right now. That is, a streamlined dress with a hint of shoulder pads. Are they really ideal for bridal wear? Well, think of Pippa Midddleton’s bridesmaid dress for her sister’s wedding to Prince William – imagine being decked out in something like that for your big day!

Enchanting tulle

The magical fabric that’s tulle – commonly associated with veils and ballet dancers’ tutus – has been a catwalk favourite this year, so expect it be a favourite in bridal fashion next year too. Is it likely to stretch beyond veils? Quite possibly; it’s not hard to imagine it being embraced by designers for both shoulder and hemline features. And maybe more.

Beautiful bodices

Weddings are as much about the memories as they are an experience in the present. And, despite the fact we live in the Instagram age when every day’s an opportunity to get snap-happy, your wedding day remains a truly major photo-day. That means you’ll want to look as radiant as possible up-close – what better way to ensure that than via a bodice-dominated dress, where the torso is brilliantly embellished, while complemented (by way of contrast) with a relatively simple dress below?

Make the leap to a jumpsuit?

Finally… jumpsuits. Really? Maybe not utterly ideal for a traditional church service, but should you be considering a registry wedding or an urban-set celebration a jumpsuit could be just the sleek, sophisticated outfit to top off your big day to a tee.

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