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Autumn Fashions: The Vintage Look

As I look out from my kitchen window, I can see there’s no denying it anymore: summer is over. In its place is something that I’d forgotten was equally as beautiful, albeit in a different way: autumn.

Right now, I’m looking out on an oak tree, and it’s at that perfect stage where the leaves are a mixture of warm orange and green. This is hot chocolate weather, cosy weather, and old comfort weather, and it’s great.

Autumn has a different energy to summer, and that’s reflected in our choice of clothes. I love every season, but I have to say, autumn/winter wardrobes are my favourites, and this year is no exception.

Today, I’m going to focus on the biggest vintage fashion trends of autumn/winter. Vintage fashions are what we do, so of course it makes sense for us to look at the up and coming trends so that the vintage lovers amongst you will know exactly how to pull the look off with style.

Of course, as winter draws in, we start to see a lot of layering, and layering is no exception within the vintage fashion trends: layer jackets over cardigans, over tops, and even through on a scarf to get it right this year…

…but in which styles, I hear you ask?

The trousers We’ve had the skinny trend, and now we’re starting to swing back the other way. In terms of vintage fashions, this means drawing from the ‘30s and ‘40s when wide leg trousers were the height of fashion. In the ‘30s, the trousers tended to rest on the hips, but as we moved towards and through the ‘40s, the waist become higher until the buttons finished around the height of the belly button.


This year, the higher the trousers are the better – well, within reason. They shouldn’t be finishing above the belly button!

Thick materials were also predominantly fashionable during this time period, and we will see a return to this trend during autumn/winter 2016. Ideally, your trousers should be made of wool. This will set you bang-on the button fashion wise, but it will keep you fantastically warm too; you can even wear woollen vintage prom dresses this year! If you’ve ever been to a prom, then you know the pressure to wear slim, and inevitably thin, prom dresses – freezing!

The tops The best tops to wear with high-waist trousers are blouses or t-shirts that you tuck into the trousers. You then layer this with a ¾-length cardigan to create the perfect vintage look.

Be careful to ensure that you DO NOT wear a long cardigan. This will throw your proportions out of whack and will create a bizarre effect.

The jacket You'll need a jacket this year. It’s going to be a cold one! Again, keep it cropped and short. To give you that extra warmth you’ll need for winter, try a sheepskin jacket – and it doesn’t matter if it’s a faux jacket, all that matters is that it’s in the vintage style.

To really get it right in terms of vintage style, go for the aviation style jackets that were popular in the ‘40s.

The dress If this all sounds a little masculine, don’t worry, there’s plenty of choice of dresses too. This year’s key pattern is plaid. If it’s plaid, you’ve got it made! In terms of shape, the vintage look is almost always about creating the perfect hourglass figure, so go for those full skirts and busts. It’s the perfect look for your vintage prom dresses.


With so much choice, this year’s vintage fashions are just what you need to look and feel great.

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