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Are You Dressing Correctly For Your Shape?

The great thing about fashion is its lots of fun especially for women who enjoy dressing up and looking their very best. All fashion types can be played around with but this is particularly true for Vintage Clothing. This style is very diverse and is worn by women all around the world. Whether it’s the 1950’s Style Dresses or some other era of retro fashion, this style is truly beautiful and classy. Vintage fashion is timeless and can be worn all year around seeing you through the chilly months, into the blazing heat of an August summers day. There are no strict rights or wrongs when it comes to wearing clothing, no matter what style or type. The main thing is that you feel good because then your confidence will shine through! The many differences women have means that there are certain things you can do to play up your best features and assets and so choosing the right clothing for your specific body type is rather important. There are women from all walks of life who enjoy wearing vintage clothing and so it’s great if this is also reflected in the clothes you choose to wear. In this article we will look at which vintage clothing styles look the best for your body type and look at how you can look and feel fantastic in vintage clothing.

Determine Your Body Shape

Determining your body shape is important when thinking about what would suit you and make you look and ultimately feel fabulous! There are generally four body shape categories and most women tend to fall into one of these groups. We will now go through these body types and look at the styles of vintage clothing that would best suit that shape. There is lots of Vintage Clothing Online that will suit all the different body types so it’s just a case of figuring out which one you are and dressing up your best features!

The Hourglass Shape

If you have an hourglass shape then your waist will be well defined and your shoulder and hips will be the same size. You’ll likely have a large bust and wide hips, but they are in proportion. To dress the best for this shape you should wear clothing that emphasises your small waist. If you are looking for vintage clothing that suits your shape try going for a pencil skirt and a fitted blouse, or a flowy waist clinching tea dress like many of the 1940’s Style Dresses. You should avoid loose oversized tops and avoid accessorizing with big belts, as this will swallow up your small waist and cause it to disappear.


The Pear Shape

If your body is pear shaped then you have generous hips and thighs that are wider than the shoulders and a smaller bust. If you want to wear vintage clothing and are a pear shape you should try wearing 1960’s style Aline dresses, but you should make sure you don’t wear fabrics which are too heavy. Lengths and fabrics that fall between the calf and knee will shorten your legs and will exaggerate the bottom half of your body. Longer skirts worn with fitted tops look adorable on a pear shape.


The Rectangle Shape

If you have a rectangle body shape then this means your shape is pretty much up and down. Your hips and bust are the same size and you have little to no waist definition. To dress the best for your rectangle shape you should add dimension to your silhouette by breaking up your shape and creating looks which add curves. 1920’s/30’s flapper style dresses look great on this shape as well as the kinds of dresses famous rectangle- shaped model Twiggy wore. Vintage Aline dresses also look wonderful if you have a rectangle shape.

The Apple Shape

If you are shaped like an apple then you will have a generous bust and well-shaped legs. You should aim to only show one of these off at a time to look your very best!  The best styles of dress for apple shapes are ones which don’t emphasis the waist. Vintage dresses such as 1940’s wrap dresses look fabulous on apple shapes as well as retro dresses with empire waist lines.

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