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  • Your Favourite Flower And What It Says About You


    Flowers are beautiful and lovely to see and smell and it doesn’t matter whether they were given to you or whether you grew them yourself. Most girls have a special favourite flower and one which they’d always be happy to receive.  When you see your favourite flower you melt a little bit inside and smile, it can be the difference between a bad day and a good day, and is guaranteed to turn a sour mood in something sweeter. Flowers are great and look fabulous when printed on clothes. Vintage style dresses and clothing in particular seems to exude extra flair when paired with a flower print.  In this article we will take a look at what you favourite flower says about you and what you love and stand for.

    Tulip- When winter disappears and spring arrives we get beautifully colourful flowers that spring from the soil and make the place beautiful again. Tulips are very special because they sprout during this time and represent the fertility of the sun and nature. They come in some truly gorgeous colours and look great on vintage style dresses and skirts!

    If Tulips are your favourite flower you are:

    • A deep thinker and a sensitive soul who is sweet and caring
    • A family oriented soul who is a great listener and gives great advice
    • Someone who prefers a few close friends instead of a large group
    • A hard worker who put everything into their endeavours
    • Someone passionate about their goals and motivated in all they do

    Rose –   Roses are a British flower and there are over 13,000 varieties of rose so they are understandably a popular choice for many people. They have long been associated with love and romance and classic and chic when added to dresses and skirts no matter what the colour is.

    If Roses are you favourite flower you are:

    • A feminine and fabulous person
    • A traditional person who finds old ways of doing things the best way
    • Someone who loves to bring out the best in people and is naturally positive
    • A perfectionist in everything that you do
    • A true romantic at heart and someone who loves to be in love

    Sunflower – Sunflowers are big, vibrant and beautiful and represent sunny times and the hot summer period. These beauties have an unforgettable yellow colour which is beautiful. They embody all that is cheerful and can really uplift the mood so they are a great gift.

    If Sunflowers are you favourite flower you are:

    • Someone who has lots of enthusiasm and energy with a jovial presence
    • A happy, warm and approachable person
    • Someone who basks in the limelight- maybe a little too much
    • Dedicated to something when you put your mind to it
    • Someone with a jovial disposition who never fails to see the humour in things

    Dahlia – Dahlias and the closely related flower chrysanthemums are a firm favourite in many vases and gardens across Britain. They are beautiful bushy flowers which come in all shapes and sizes and are one of the most long-lasting flowers out there. They come in many different colours except blue which makes they wonderfully unique and the more you cut them, the more they grow.

    If your favourite flower is the Dahlia you are:

    • Someone who is strong and independent and like to do things your own way
    • A loyal and committed person who stays true to your word and can be relied on
    • An elegant and graceful dresser
    • Someone who has hidden depths under the unflappable exterior
    • A very practical person who like to get things done


  • Visit The Newark Retrofestival This June 2017


    Retrofestivals are very popular in the UK with people who love all things vintage. The two most acclaimed festivals are the ones held in Newark, Berkshire and in Newbury, Nottinghamshire in June and August of 2017. This is a time of year when the weather is beautifully sunny and you can rent out a caravan or motor home to camp at the sites for the duration of the festivals. These festivals are filled with amazing entertainment and live music and you can find spend your time browsing through lots of affordable vintage clothing while you are there. At the Newark festival in June there will be three main stages each with their own line up of great entertainment and fun things to get involved with.

    Spitfire Pavilion - This stage will be filled with music, dance and even a circus so you can enjoy the rest of the night having fun. One of the greatest acts is a professional vintage style band called Phil Lyon and his New Vintage Band who play a mix of everything retro. From 1930’s jazz to 40’s swing and jive this band will have you jiving and twisting all night long.

    Black Hanger Stage- The Black Hanger Stage is all about rock n roll and will host rock bands playing everything from their own compositions to classic 50’s songs. Four piece band The Revolutionaries will be playing and they are incredibly popular for their Rocking RnB tracks which demonstrate their raw sound and high energy. Many other bands will be playing n this stage during the festival, so if you are a rock n roll fan this is ideal for you!

    The Alternative Stage- This stage is all about the 60’s with classical songs from that era being played by a number of bands and even solo artists. One of the bands that will be performing is The Union Gap which is a very popular UK band in the 60’s circuit. They will be playing a number of classical hits from the 60’s and 70’s performed in both their own unique style and in the songs original form.

    Vehicle And Air Shows- The Retrofestival will be hosting an amazing show of pre and post war classic cars, military displays, motorbikes and much more! If you have your own vintage car you can even choose to have it displayed by entering it into the festival beforehand. Aside from vehicle shows there will also be a stunning array of flying displays including The Battle of Britain’s Memorial Fight, A Typhoon, and A Hawk and a Tornado. This is a great opportunity to gaze up into the sky and observe some of the oldest, and best loved aircraft from history so it’s not to be missed!

    Other Great Attractions To Enjoy At The Retrofestival- If all of that wasn’t enough for you threes more to see and do at Newark this June with some fabulous extras! You can enjoy some breathtaking views of the festivals from up above in a helicopter, more than 1200 feet high and take pictures as the captain points out the landmarks. Or if you fancy a bit of pampering you could visit the Vintage Victory Rollers who are bringing their mobile parlour to the festival and offering a range of beauty service such as a vintage hair and makeup for the ladies and beard and hair trims for the men. There will also be a vintage funfair on the site which has over 30 fantastically exciting fun rides for you and your friends to enjoy!

    Staying At Newark- You have a better chance of experiencing all this RetroFestival has to offer if you decide to stay at Newark for the three days the festival is on. There are many options for doing this such as renting a pitch and bringing your caravan or motor home along. There is also an option for those who want a touch of glamour and luxury during their stay by hiring one of the Brook Bell Tents on site. These fabulous tents come with cosy Indian rugs, luxury inflatable mattresses, a hanging vanity mirror and old fashion magical lighting. There are lots more to enjoy with this option so it’s really worth checking it out!

  • Visit The Cumbria Vintage Fair For Affordable Bargains

    Vintage Fairs Are Great

    Knowing where to buy vintage clothing in the UK is important if you love retro fashion. There are many places in the UK that stock vintage clothing where you can find fantastic good quality clothing for a great price. In this short article, we will look at one such place, an affordable vintage fair in the county of Cumbria. But first let’s take a quick look at what vintage clothing in case you had any questions about the style.

    Vintage fairs are incredibly popular with many people from all different walks of life. Whether you’re into the 50’s pin up style of vintage dresses or the Levi and dungarees get up of the 90’s they often cater to every style from fashion eras gone by. The vintage clothing style can also be called Retro which is short for retrospective. This style of clothing emulates the clothing worn by people in a different era and can make you look interesting and quirky. You can find some great steals at vintage fairs and if you look hard enough there are quite a few fashion branded pieces to be found. Some people may be cautious about attending a vintage fair because many of the clothes have been previously worn. However you needn’t be alarmed: A good hand wash and a squirt of your favourite perfume are sure to have your vintage piece feeling and look as good as new! Vintage clothes that haven’t been worth before are often old warehouse stock and can be pricier than used the used pieces- especially if they have their original tags. There are lots of places that sell vintage clothing like charity shops, second-hand clothing shops, car boot sales and flea markets among many others. There is however somewhere that stands out in the vintage fashion industry in the UK: A place where stunning vintage fashion meets great prices.

    Visit Cumbria’s Vintage Fair

    If you really want great quality affordable vintage clothing you should check out the vintage fair in Cumbria which is returning for another year at the Rheged Center in Rehills, Penrith, Cumbria. The centre will be hosting a brilliant fair for their first visit of the season. The Cumbrian vintage fair is the leading vintage fair the UK so you’ll be in good hands for this fabulous opportunity! This fair has been featured in many top magazines in the UK including Vogue, Elle, The Telegraph and Marie Claire which is a testament to the extraordinary success of the fair and the happy customers it has amassed.   On Saturday the 4th March 2017, 30 amazing traders will be bringing you the very best in affordable vintage fashion and home ware. The fair will last all day from 10:30am in the morning till 4:30pm by which time you’ll probably be very tired but excited with all of your fabulous purchases. They will be selling everything from gypsy tops to suede jackets and pretty spring dresses so you ladies will be well prepared for when the weather gets warmer. You’ll be spending a day in the splendid Cumbria countryside while browsing the very best in vintage fashion so it’s definitely worth the trip! By starting your journey into the world of vintage fashion you’ll be joining a whole roster of famous celebrities including Florence and the Machine, Daisy Lowe, Chloe Sevigny and Kate Moss! These are celebrities who know a good bargain when they seen one and have been seen in some stunning vintage pieces- what better advocates for this style of clothing?


  • 1940’s Frocks: Under Twenty Dresses

    1940's Style

    The 1940’s might have been a time of war and strife but it was still a brilliant style period. Women’s fashion changed completely and was as it is now an expression of a whole generation’s life experience. 40’s style dresses in particular were a huge feature in 1940’s fashion and featured heavily in films, modelling and other media. In this article we will take a little look at four dresses from the 1940’s era which perfectly encapsulated the time period and had their own cute matching dolls. But first we’ll take a look at what made 1940’s style dresses so popular and different in their day.

    Fashion In The 1940’s

    Fashion in the 1930’s was represented by glamour, Hollywood movie stars and a care free life. For most of the 1930’s fashion for used as a form of escapism for many men and women who were trying to escape their difficult daily lives and struggles. Men and women would look to the movies for fashion inspiration and would imagine a glamorous care free life and this was reflected in their fashion choices. The movies stars in the 30’s had their fashion choices on display as everyone rushed to emulate some stunning piece or other. White paste jewellery, rich fur and glamorous co-ordinated accessories were fashion staples for most people, and whilst the pieces looked fabulous, the fashion did not reflect real life in any way.

    When the 1940’s arrived, that all changed completely. With World War Two starting in 1940 the tables turned and fashion took on a new, more functional role. Men’s fashion had stopped progressive completely with most men wearing uniforms and away fighting. As time went on women’s fashion began to echo the traditional styling choices made by men and many women began wearing coats and hats and man-made tailored dresses. The new look was certainly sombre and the fantasy fashion of the 30’s were firmly distant memories. The fashion was no longer about an idealised life but to do with responsibility and about supporting efforts made in the war through their fashion choices.  Women stayed at home and looked after household duties. They also took over the jobs that the men previously had. This wasn’t a glamorous time for women and their clothing reflected this conservative and practical era where clothing materials were limited.  The resulting look for women in the 40’s was a very uncluttered, slim look. Narrow hips, squared shoulders and skirts that fell just below the knee were the staple elements of women’s fashion.

    1940’S Dresses And Matching Dolls

    Miriam Franklin And The Matching Doll -Actress and dancer Miriam Franklin who danced in the musical show ‘Panama Hattie’ wore a buttoned bodice dress and black velvet halo-hat. Her costumes were so beautiful that they were copied on a miniature doll for vogue. The costume was replicated on Margit Nielson’s new flexible dolls at the time.

    Eunace Healey Gets A Matching Doll – Tap dancer and actress Eunace Healey danced in the famous Al Jolsen show in 1936. In one photograph she is pictured in a beige and black Under Twenty wool dress that resembled a pinafore. She was also given a diminutive counterpart in the form of a little doll in a replica dress.

    Edwina Blades And Her Doll – Edwina Blades was a magnificent ice skater and danced in the famous Centre Theatres new ice show at the time. She wore a suit with beige wool and embellished buttons, which was the perfect outfit for an afternoon tea. She also wore a beige felt hat which featured a rolled brim. A doll was made in the same suit and hat.

    Nadine Gae Gets A Miniature Doll-  Nadine Gae was a talented acrobatic dancer who features in the Cole Porter show in that era. She and her own doll were dressed alike in a beige and black wool outfit with an eagle embroidered on chest and a black felt hat.

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