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  • The Evolution Of The Wedding Dress: A Look At The Last 100 Years

    The obsession with wedding dresses is nothing new among women who are fascinated by these stunning gowns, worn at once-in a lifetime occasions. Whether we love to see our favourite celebrities in a wedding dress, a family member of friend- or if we have worn one ourselves, this dress is one that beats them all in terms of its sheer importance in our lives. Over the past 100 years, wedding dresses have changed drastically, and everything from silhouette, colour, length and fabric has changed as time has moved forward. Bu what were older wedding dresses like?

    In this article we’ll look at the lifespan journey of the vintage wedding dress and examine how they appeared, starting from the 1900’s and going up 90’s.

     1900’s- In the 1990’s wedding dresses sported an S shaped corset and were mainly worn to draw in the stomach in a waist cinching style which was flattering. Frills were also commonplace with these wedding dresses and were often found on the bodice to accentuate the overall look. Wedding dresses had wide puffy sleeves, high necklines, gloves and even veiled hats, so this was a decidedly demure look!

    This look was popular thanks to Queen Victoria, who popularized the look and birthed the ‘white wedding’ concept, when she wore a beautiful snow white wedding dress on her wedding day to Prince Albert.

    1930’s- By the 1930’s wedding dresses weren’t as glamourous as their counterparts in the 1990’s. Due to the economic hardship that had gripped the country during that time, women just had to grab whatever they could get their hands on- essentially, finding the nicest dress in their closets, to wear. Wedding dresses were generally floral and fell to calf length with waistlines becoming more prominent, with the new dress style. Women also wore hats instead of veils (perhaps they couldn’t afford them!) and more affordable dress material was used- rayon, instead of the traditional but pricier silk that was used.

    The infamous era meant that money was very tight and hard to come by. Many brides who had bought a wedding dress made sure it was able to be dyed so it could be worn again because there were no funds to obtain a new one.

     1940’s – In the 1940’s wedding dresses were very modest and consisted of white or ivory gowns with satin or lace sleeves. They had long veils and the skirts were either A line or the fuller ball gown styles.


     1950’s-  In the 50’s, wedding dresses mainly consisted of tea dresses, swing dresses, elegant lace sleeve dresses and tulle ball gowns. The look was incredibly beautiful, and is still worn today as its retro inspired. The dresses would be white or ivory just like in the 1940’s and the waist cinching was another popular feature which remains today.


    1960’s- In the 1960’s wedding dresses changed again, this time moving the waistlines higher and donning empire line silhouettes. By this time necklines were still demure and veils were shorter in length than they previously were. Embellishments were popular additions to wedding dresses and metallic details, daises and other details were often used. The 1960’s saw the start of the ‘space age’ which was all about metallic embellishments and reflective decorations. This was also a time when there were a large number of ‘society’ weddings such as Princess Margret’s wedding to Anthony Armstrong Jones. During this pivotal period there was huge amount of social change, with the rise of many groups such as hippies and rockers, and this greatly influenced the fashion scene. 

    1990’s- By this time fashion was much more modernised and wedding dresses took on a more minimalist feel. Embellishments were no longer used anymore- so no more beads, lace and other decorations. If they were used it was sparingly. In its place flower crowns, and simple straightforward veils were used and were the only additions to wedding dresses. In terms of fit and shape, the 1990’s wedding dress silhouette was much more fitted and figure hugging. The 1990’s era was all about combining glamour with classic Americana styles. At this time romantic couples began to have their weddings abroad in warmer countries and so their dresses reflected this, being more free flowing and loose.

  • Dita Von Teese: Queen of Vintage Glamour

    Dita Von Teese is one of the most famous burlesque dancers in the world and famed for her glamorous vintage look and sensual lingerie routines. She is the ultimate modern pin up girl, with porcelain skin and striking black hair and is never seen without her trademark fiery lip. With great looks, on par dancing skills and a fabulous wardrobe to match, this is a lady who oozes old school glamour and sophistication. It is well known that Dita Von Teese has been collecting vintage clothing pieces for over 25 years, and initially started doing so because she couldn’t afford designer pieces. Inspired by 1940’s style dresses and 1950’s dresses, Dita has become a retro fashion icon to many women all around the world who all enjoy wearing something a little different from the modern. In this article we will look at some of the best retro-fabulous style tips as provided by the example set by Dita Von Teese. Whether its make-up, hair, costume or jewellery, we can all learn and improvise the styling of Dita Von Teese and add some jazz to our wardrobes.

    1. Cinch In That Waist!

    There are certain clothing styles that flatter just about anyone, and styles that cinch in your waist are just perfect every time! Whilst Dita Von Teese has spent years mastering the incredible art of corset training, you can buy clothes which serve to also give your waist a flattering look. Whether you’re wearing a 1950’s style dress like a tea dress or a more figure hugging piece like the wiggle dress, you can always use belt to draw in the waist and create a more flattering silhouette. Choosing to embody the retro style has a lot to with emulating the shapes and silhouettes which were worn back then.

    1. Polka Dots 

    Polka dots were adorable back in the 1950’s and they are still adorable now! Dita Von Teese loves wearing beautiful polka dot style dresses and tops and they look incredible with her retro style! This style of print immediately adds a touch of funky retro fun and it can be worn so many different ways, that it’s impossible not to find something that suits you. Smaller polka dot prints work better if you are looking for something that makes you look smaller and this type work well on swing dresses and even Bardot tops.

    1. A Strong Red Lip 

    Dita Von Teese is never seen without her trademark red lip, and this is a perfect example of vintage glamour used in the realm of make-up. A red lip instantly transform an outfit from not-so-fab to exceedingly alluring. A daring red lip can really tie together a vintage look and is the perfect finishing touch.

    Dita Von Teese-Style
    1. Classic Essentials

    Theres nothing that screams understated retro glamour than a beautiful classic essential for your wardrobe. Dita von Teese has often been seen out in such pieces like beautiful plain coloured structured blouses, and Bardot tops that aren’t too busy design wise. The classical 1950’s blouse is iconic because it is demure and yet a sultry piece. The shirt is tailored in a way which darts in at the waist has short turned up sleeves and a very simple turn back collar. The classic 50’s shirt silhouette is one which will be sticking around for a long time, and is a retro fashion favourite everywhere!

    1. Retro Pencil Skirts 

    The iconic pencil skirt is a retro wardrobe must have. Dita Von Teese is always seen posing in a striking black or red pencil skirt and looking fabulous! These skirts give off the most flattering shape to a woman’s curves and look great all the time. You can try pairing them with cardigans or shirts or going for a bold printed crop top.

    1. The Shirt Dress

    Shirt dresses are another huge retro glamour staple in vintage style. Though they are worn in a long style and are very feminine in a demure way, they ooze sophistication and with a beautiful 1940’s silhouette, it is a much desired dress. Dita Von Teese is also a fan of the shirt dress and definitely turns heads when she slips into this stunning item of retro clothing.

    1. Quirky High Heels

    Dita Von Teese would never be caught out without a pair of her retro inspired high heels on! High heels are the perfect finishing touch for a night out on the town. Vintage inspired high heels come in all shapes and sizes, but I’m sure Dita would want her heel to be the highest of them all!


  • Goodwill Revival- Festival of Speed 2017: Here Are Some Superb Outfit Ideas

    This summer will mark another year of the annual Goodwill Revival event and the Festival of Speed! This is the time of year when racing car and motorcycle enthusiasts come together from all over the world, and celebrate the glamour and rustic beauty from the 40’s 50’s and 60’s golden era of motor racing. The festival of Speed will mark the coming together of fans of motor racing who will get the opportunity to meet the champions, and get close to the action. This is great opportunity to get together with family or friends and make plans to head up to either of the events, which are both located in sunny, rural Chichester.

    In this article we will look at four outfits that you can wear to either one of these rip-roaring events. They will contain the fun, feminine vintage times of an era gone by and in particular have elements from 1940’s vintage clothing and also the dress style from the 1950’s. Here are four retro fabulous outfit ideas, which are super wearable and suitable for sunny outdoor events. Whether you attend the Goodwood Revival or the Festival of Speed, you will be perfectly dressed and looking your absolute best!

    1. The Floaty Feminine Day Look

    This first outfit is floaty, fun and super girly and is a look which is suitable for everyone. Vintage 1940’s style tea dresses look fabulous for days out ad this is the perfect opportunity to get yours out and throw it on. Many 40’s tea style dresses come with adorable floral prints on which look great in the spring and summer.


    Try going for colours such as lavender, blue, or even a yellow as these are very flattering hues. You could wear yours with a pair of espadrilles or some nude ballet flat for a comfortable retro look.

    1. The Casual Chic Look

    If you’re not in the mood to get super feminine and want an outfit that screams laid back chic then this is the perfect outfit option for you. High-waisted capri pants and a Bardot top are great combinations for the ultimate casual chic day-time look. Wear your capri pants in a light wash denim and make sure they are made of a stretchy material for a comfortable day out. For the Bardot top opt for one with ¾ length sleeves and a Bardot neckline for a truly flattering style. This casual outfit doesn’t need flashy shoes: A simple pair of black or white Mary Jane shoes or brogues finish this look of perfectly. 

    1. The Swinging Skirt Look 

    You might not be swinging and jiving at either of the upcoming retro motorcycle festivals but these skirts and still winners for their stylish flair. Swinging skirts are so much fun to wear and can really jazz up your mood and spirit. A great outfit would be to wear a swing skirt which features a geometric print in some summery hues and pair that with a casual jersey top with a boat neckline and keyhole detail. Finish this look off with a metallic ballet pump and you have a look which screams rockability and vintage sass!

    1. The Swing Dress Look 

    Retro dresses from the 1950’s are fab because of their versatility and the varying styles and lengths available. For this last outfit, try wearing a midi swing dress in a bright blue and black polka dot style! Midi dresses are great because they can be pared with tights if the weather takes a turn for the worse and can be worn when the weather is nice and bright, without being too heavy or hot. Pair this dress with some funky, high wedges if you dare or a pair of Mary Jane court shoes if you fancy something a little more casual.

  • Get ready, the Vintage Nostalgia Festival 2017 is here

    Love for vintage is growing like never before. Whether your vintage love is for clothes, bags, accessories, cars or music, you will find it all at UK’s Vintage Nostalgia Festival 2017. Designed and organised in the most authentic vintage fashion, it will be the most memorable experience for all attendees. Having everything vintage and everything you love beautifully wrapped in a single festival is simply a dream come true. Here you will time-travel in the vintage era far-far away from the reality and stress of today, when everything was simpler and unique in its own way. The retro rage is everything these days be it fashion, décor or lifestyle.

    Here’s your fully with some handy tips to make your experience at the Vintage Nostalgia Festival full of fun and excitement.

    Festival location and dates

    The Vintage Nostalgia Festival is taking place at Stockton Park, Stockton, South Wiltshire. It is a beautiful event taking place in the scenic Wylye Valley between Warminster and Salisbury. It is situated just off the A36 in Wiltshire UK. On the West of Codford bypass, there is a turning South signed to Stockton. Once you take this turning, follow the lane over the River Wylye. Here, over the river you will see the signs for the show that will direct you into the show ground. While the quickest route to the showground is via the A36 and A303 motorway, we also recommend the B roads through the valley. Making your drive/journey more picturesque this route is a lovely run with numerous pretty villages along the way and some very attractive Inns.

    This fun-filled festival is a three day long event. You can enjoy a legendary weekend on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of June 2017. The event kick starts on 12:00pm on Friday the 2nd and ends at 4:00pm on Sunday the 4th. For those who are camping at the event gates are and the bar is open from Thursday, to help them ease in to the weekend. You can bring your caravans, motorhomes and modern tents that are no longer than 9 metres. Plus, the event lets you bring along your pets, but to avoid any incident you are requested to keep them on lead and clean after them.


    It is always wise to book for grand and much awaited events in advance to avoid disappointment. Because tickets for this weekend and campaigning are limited and can only be pre-booked, make sure you book a spot for yourself in the Vintage festival as quickly as you can. You can easily book your tickets on the Vintage Nostalgia Festival, follow the link: www.vintagenostalgiafestival.co.uk/tickets/4590282853


    Engaging and entertaining all your vintage interests, here you can indulge in many popular vintage things from the 1980s. You can indulge in Vintage/classic cars, Veteran Cycles, Vintage Fashion, antiques, rusty automobile, dance and music. There is something for everyone at the festival whether your 8 or 80.Here you can enjoy great shows by famous bands playing vintage music with dance floors all over the festival to shake a leg and flaunt your vintage era’s moves. The festival witnesses vintage enthusiast as hosts, traders and organisers and an energised footfall of vintage lovers as attendees.

    From Live bands, Ringwood fine ale bar, cocktail bar and dance troupe, Vintage Village, traditional children's entertainment, this event is a must-attend.


    At the festival you can choose to enjoy a glamping kind of stay or book a nice hotel in the close by areas. Check out your options on the festival website.


    If you deal in Vintage goods, you can book a stall at the festival and sell your unique stuff at the festival. For more details on trading options contact the festival organisers. You can shop vintage clothing, retro handbags and more vintage finds here.

    Entertainment for kids

    There is loads of Vintage fun for your kids too at this exclusive festival. This makes the weekend a great time and place for you to have a fun bonding time with your family. There is a fabulous make do and mend scrap area, which is perfect for kid’s art and craft and comedy shows and more entertainment for the kids. Plus, there is a range of kiddie food that your young ones will relish.

  • The Dress Season Is Officially Here!

    The sun is shining; the days are long, bright and warm. It’s the perfect time to bring out your summers dresses and enjoy the sunny days. It’s the perfect time of the year to flaunt your maxi’s, short dresses, flowy skirts, dresses in summer prints, florals and solids with trendy summer sandals and accessories. Plus, with the retro fashion making a major comeback, having a vintage dress has become an absolute must have. The retro style dresses are back and how. The dresses are great for a garden party, a luncheon or afternoon tea or any casual outing this season. Some retro style dresses also make a great option for a night out or a formal outing.

    To indulge in the most irresistible collection of vintage styled dresses in UK, visit Maggie Ann Vintage. They have a splendid collection of vintage dresses in colours, styles and prints that will please one and all. The dresses are available in a wide range of sizes. So indulge in this classic-retro range of 1950s style dresses and make your warm weather outings as fashionable as they can be. These dresses will make heads turn, so get ready to be showered with compliments.

    Here’s a list of trend-setting vintage style clothing, bags, accessories and wedding dresses you can adorn and look simply fabulous.


    Maxis are the most fashionable kind of outfit that is complete outfit for a special occasion. The flowy style accentuates your body and makes you feel comfortable yet dressy. The perfect outfit for the spring to summer, you can wear this for a casual or a formal outing.  You can choose maxis in trendy prints, solids and block colours and in a variety of floral prints. You can enhance the look of your maxi with a thick belt, platform heels and chunky jewellery.

    You can indulge in polka dotted maxis, floral maxis or solid coloured maxis that forever stay in fashion.

    Style tip: Compliment your maxi with a retro style hair bun and accessorise it with vintage bow style hairband.


    The most beautiful thing about vintage style dresses are the prints. Dresses are available in classic prints such as big and small polka dots, bold flowery print to small flowers all over, there are dresses in palm spring style, and dresses are also available in fruity patterns in cherry and strawberry prints. These dresses are available in a variety of figure enhancing styles and necklines. You can choose from halter necks, strappy dresses, cap sleeves, V-necks with soft collars, with belts, front buttons, puffed sleeves and more styles to suit every body type.

    Style tip: Team your dress with a vintage style and you will be making head turns in a garden party or any other occasion.

    Wedding or occasion wear

    The classic vintage wedding dresses have made a huge comeback for weddings and other formal occasions. Brace your special occasion in pretty floral dresses in chiffons and other flowy materials. Ideal for both night and day occasions, you can choose pastel and soft prints for a day wedding and dark coloured dresses for night. Whether it’s your wedding, a special occasion or a wedding you are attending, in this gorgeous vintage dresses you will be the centre of attraction.

    Style tip: Accessorise your look with a vintage brooch and nice formal handbag to make your look dressy for the special occasion.

    Summer colours

    The vintage dresses are always a hit in the season of spring and summer because of the variety of colours they come in. The dresses are available in white with prints, bright reds, breezy blues, gorgeous greens, and may pastel shades that complement the weather and enhance your look.

    Style tip: Add a vintage looking belt that will complement your figure or a soft scarf with dress and you will be making a trend-setting statement in this summer season.

  • A Touch of Vintage Can Perfect Your Bridesmaid Look

    Weddings are the most ideal occasion to enjoy and have a gala time. Plus, the celebration gets bigger, better and more exciting if it’s the wedding of a near and dear one. If you are the bridesmaid on your sister’s, friends or at a dear one’s wedding, you can make it extra special by making a classic yet distinguished style statement. You can jazz up the theme of the wedding by adding the classic and distinguishing vintage theme to it. The charm and beauty of vintage style weddings can never fade away, it is evergreen. The bride can make a stunning style statement in an attractive vintage wedding dress and make her big day a memorable one. While the bridesmaid can choose from vintage style dresses, designed in retro prints, florals, polka dots, frills and more. These enchanting looks will add a wave of fun and will brighten up the occasion with vintage vibes.


    With retro and vintage fashion making a huge come back, you can choose from a collection of stunning vintage dresses as a bride or for your bridesmaid with the authentic looking vintage clothing available online at Maggie Ann Vintage. They are available in a selection of fun prints, happy colours and figure flattering classic vintage styles. The vintage dresses can make your wedding cherish-able for all, the photographs more fun and the whole occasion super-unique and special.

    Here’s a guide to make your bridesmaid experience truly fantastic and stylish for you and for the bride.

    The perfect dress A perfect occasion calls for a perfect dress. To make your day extra special choose from a variety of vintage style dresses that exude the charm of 1940s and 1950s. You can look your vintage best with figure flattering vintage style dresses, collared dresses, the classic front button frock, ruffled sleeve dresses and A-line fits. Plus, the exclusive dresses are available in an attractive variety of floral prints, solid colours, polka dots and fruit motifs and more. They skirts are plum with fine net lining in the end. You will be spoilt for choice but it will definitely be worth it.

    Jewellery Once you have picked/ chosen your perfect vintage dress, its then time to compliment it with the right kind of jewellery. You can enhance the beauty of your dress and complete your vintage look. Nothing compliments the vintage dress like pearls. You can adorn pearl earrings, bracelet and necklace to make a more authentic vintage style statement. The nice vintage looking brooch can also make a great impact on your vintage look.

    Shoes It’s absolutely vital to match the right pair of shoes with your vintage dress. Bring back the classic court shoes, block heals and pumps that are perfect to make you look as vintage as it can be.

    Belt up Adding belts to your vintage ensemble can also make a great fashion statement. You can choose from thin or thick belts to help accentuate your figure and add a dramatic statement to the dress. A contrasting coloured belt can make a very bold and stylish statement. You can up your vintage fashion game by matching the colour of your belt with your shoes or headband / scarf.

    Hairstyle The vintage era was very specific about their stylish hairdos, so you can’t skip styling your hair in the classic vintage fashion. The hair waves, the buns, puffs and more classic hairstyles will perfect your look and take you back in the glorified vintage era.

    The Vintage bag Adding an arm candy to your vintage look can also boost your vintage look. Explore a classic range of retro handbags online and choose the right bag that compliments your dress and your vintage attire.

    Scarves Scarves in the vintage era were an essential accessory to complete the vintage look. From polka dotted hair scarves, to solid coloured neck scarves and more, this simple yet stylish accessory is a must for a perfect vintage look.

  • Experience the Retro Festival 2017

    Retro-lovers it’s time to celebrate and make merry! The much awaited and much loved Retro Festival is coming to UK in 2017. A dream come true, this festival offers the enchanting fashion, food and music of the classic retro era. Here you can live and experience the best times of 1940s, 1950s, and the 1960s. It is a beautiful way to glorify and indulge in the vintage fashion, art and culture. Indulge in the retro festival in UK this year either on 9th June 2017 or 11th August 2017. Here’s all you need to know about the Retro Festival 2017.

    Retro-Festival-2017 Continue reading
  • Think Different; Think Vintage

    There was a time not too long ago when you could buy classic vintage bits and bobs from car boot sales, flea markets and charity shops, but now you see everyone selling it online or even buying it for themselves, and it is rare that you will find a bargain in this day and age.

    You can still head on down to vintage stores if you know where to look, as there are certain establishments which offer only the very finest retro products and if you delve a bit further into their hidden depths then you could unveil a real treasure. You may have to search far and wide in order to bag a great deal, but it will be worth it in the long run as once you find that something extra-special you will cherish it for years to come.

    Vintage has to look current and edgy, which is why Collectif vintage dresses are highly desirable as they have that classic ‘50s feel, yet will still fit in with the modern age. Even though they capture the essence of a bygone era you can team them with contemporary touches and flourishes and get the best of both worlds. And they look even more alluring when teamed with the ideal pair of shoes, but what footwear would suit such pretty patterns and striking designs?

    Trendy peep-toes, leather-soled heels and canvas pumps are all fantastic choices.  These lovely garments are versatile and original, and need to stand out on their own. Therefore, you cannot choose something too bold and daring, as this could make the entire outfit clash, especially if you opt for similar colours throughout. Floral print and flamingo dresses need no extra help if you tter to team bolder pattke the entire outfit clash, especially if you opt for similar want to attract undivided attention, so a simple pair of flats will be ideal.

    Pretty retro dresses can always be paired with small clutches, old-school satchels and rockabilly PVC bags if you really want to go to town and take things to the next level. These lovely accessories have been created from only the finest materials and never fail to impress. If you want something that has been made with care and attention to detail then look no further as they are quite simply exquisite.

    Pretty retro dresses

    Scarves are also a great addition to any outfit. You may not think that such a simple thing would add such weight to an ensemble, but if you pick the right shade and wear it with style it can look absolutely marvellous and give a plain vintage dress that added edge. Pink and white polka dots work perfectly with sleek black garments, and nautical shades are ideal if you have a white frilled shirt and navy pencil skirt as you can rock the marine look without trying too hard.

    Retro red swing pants and ‘40s-style blouses make a great combination, and the only other thing you will need is a pair of trusty heels and you are good to go. If trousers are high-waisted then it is best to add a little bit of height as you do not want them to swamp your frame, especially if you are of a smaller stature. So, by wearing leather pumps with a small heel you will automatically look and feel taller, and this will reflect in how well the outfit goes together as a whole.

    If you want to transform vintage polka-dot dresses into something truly magical then it does not take much at all. Maybe adding a chunky patent belt would be a good idea, especially if you want to make something even more tight-fitting and accentuate your waistline. A comfy belt is seen as a must-have item to have in your wardrobe.

    Dare to be a little different and think vintage. You won’t regret it!

  • Mix the Current and Contemporary with Stunning Vintage Pieces

    When you first start to piece together a vintage outfit, then it is easy to fall into the trap of looking like you have just stepped out of a time machine. It may be appropriate for a ‘40s costume party, but if you want to wear classic pieces on a daily basis you need to create a more contemporary look which still has vintage elements.

    But how do you get started? If you are new to the vintage game then it is best to keep things simple. You could begin by adding vintage accessories to a modern outfit. One key accessory such as a large patent belt could perfectly balance out an otherwise contemporary look. Take some time to think about wardrobe basics like a plain white T-shirt and a pair of boot-cut jeans. Just throw on a statement vintage belt over this classic look and you are ready to head out for the night.

    They are also fantastic if you have to stick to a tight budget. You can get several pieces for the same amount as a single item of clothing. With a few accessories you can then create completely different outfits. Perhaps you could mix things up with a gorgeous scarf or pretty leather satchel, and really go to town. Also search for vintage necklaces, brooches, shoes and hats, and then think about what garments you can match them with.

    You can always get inspired by current trends. Maybe you are not yet confident about pairing up vintage and modern pieces. If this is the case then look for vintage clothes which are similar to current fashions. A prime example is the comeback of the suede skirt. They were absolutely huge in the sixties and seventies, and have experienced a successful revival of late. All you need to do is find one which fits perfectly and looks great teamed with a pair of black heels, seamed stockings and a pretty, frilly top.

    It is always a great idea to create a fashion statement with quirky vintage pieces. Vintage style dresses can be worn with modern accessories, yet still remain the primary focal point due to their beautiful, elegant appearance and timeless style. You do not want to draw too much attention to yourself by wearing accessories which will clash with your statement piece. When you are wearing something striking like a polka dot dress, keep accessories minimal.

    If you manage to obtain a fifties-style skirt, then there are endless possibilities when it comes to styling. Keep things casual by wearing it with a patterned or plain T-shirt, depending on your own personal preferences. These skirts are already dressy enough on their own so you do not need to make many modifications, even if you want to dress them up for a formal event. A simple printed top with a statement necklace, brooch or bracelet will be all it takes to really work this look.


    If you want to party in style and make sure that all eyes on you then vintage prom dresses will do just the trick. They are girly and charming and a little bit different from the usual, run of the mill frocks which you normally see at important gala events. You do not need to go all out in order to dress to impress, as simplicity is often far more effective than if you overdo it and take things to extremes.

    Cute rockabilly skirts are created to suit all body shapes, and if you pair these gorgeous garments with the right footwear then this will certainly cause a stir. If you are planning a romantic dinner for two and have been searching for the perfect ensemble then you will have hit the jackpot. Just remember that a couple of accessories are all you need in order to pull an outfit off and embrace the vintage look wholeheartedly.

  • How to Work the Vintage Look

    Sometimes, you will see someone sporting an outfit which treads a fine line between theatricality and reality, and have the confidence to pull it off with aplomb. Wearing unique, individual clothes can be a true reflection of your spirit and creativity, and you should always wear what you feel comfortable in.

    If you decide to take the plunge and embrace the exciting, innovative world of vintage clothing then there are some guidelines which you must follow in order to get the look spot-on.

    You should always pick garments which look similar to current trends. Many modern-day designers and fashion houses have huge archives of vintage garments that they are constantly adding to on a regular basis, and draw inspiration from their timeless designs. In actual fact, the majority of contemporary fashion is pretty much a re-interpretation of styles from the past, and you would be surprised to witness how close a lot of modern designer clothing comes to replicating older garments.


    The chances are, unless you have hours set aside in order to recreate vintage hairstyles right down to the finest detail, your hair and make-up are always going to appear vaguely modern. Simplicity in hair and make-up is a tried and tested way of transforming a vintage outfit and making it completely different. For example, combining 40’s style dresses with smoky, subtle eyes or a slicked back bun will work a treat.

    Even contemporary versions of classic hairstyles will add a modern twist yet still hint at a bygone era. Modernised ‘40s loose waves are a favourite amongst Hollywood celebrities, as you will see plenty of similar looks on the red carpet.

    40’s style dresses

    Pairing vintage clothing with decidedly contemporary bags, sunglasses and shoes is a simple way in which to dramatically ground a garment which may be considered a little ostentatious otherwise. It is easy to keep the overall look streamlined by selecting a shade which is present in the clothing and then wearing accessories in the same colour. Splashes of vibrant colour paired with all-black accessories are also a speedy way in which to modernise classic vintage garments.

    Mixing and matching vintage clothing and new separates is perhaps the easiest way of working vintage into your wardrobe. It is simple to take a special piece of vintage attire and making it more wearable, so that you can accessorise accordingly. So if you want to bring a retro feel into the office, then you can do so with gusto.

    Even when wearing head-to-toe vintage, it can be possible to accessorise in ways which make your outfit seem more relevant. Mixing eras can, surprisingly, have exactly the same effect as blending new and vintage pieces. It might just be the most fun and exciting way in which to change things up, and you can blend textures and combine colours to make an outfit appear both uniquely modern and completely timeless.

    These are just a few ways in which to wear vintage without looking like you are sporting a fancy dress costume. And, just as wearing vintage is a sure-fire way to guarantee that your clothing is entirely unique, you can also support small businesses by shopping at vintage boutique stores and websites.

    If you planning on getting hitched, then vintage wedding dresses are absolutely exquisite, as the detail in the design is magnificent. Due to the fact that such great care and precision is put into every piece you are guaranteed to be the centre of attention and they will make your big day extra special and memorable.

    Chiffon dresses in particular are ideal if you want to hold your nuptials outside, especially in the warmer summer months. They are light and airy and go perfectly with a cream bouquet or ivory fascinator. Here’s to the bride and groom!

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