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Classic vintage and retro style jewellery is immensely popular today for its unyielding beauty and the fact that it never seems to go out of style. The types of jewellery can greatly range in terms of colour, size and style but it always carries the same femininity that many retro clothing lovers adore. Retro jewellery is famed for its versatility and simple elegance and whether you like simple strands of ivory coloured peals worn as a beautiful necklace, or chunky stacks of bangles adorned with brightly coloured gems, you’re bound to find something which suits your tastes. Popular 1940’s inspired bracelets also include charm bracelets and identification bracelets. These are made out of thin metal or gold and silver chains and for the charm bracelets charms would be attached at intervals or collected and added as necessary. Charms could be anything from lucky horseshoes, flowers and animals and even clovers. Other charms included household items such as forks, pots and pans and even a bathtub!

Vintage inspired jewellery is a perfect choice for many people because it’s reasonably priced whilst not compromising on design and quality. Its offers a perfect combination of price and style which is why it flies off the shelves at vintage stores all around!

Apart from bracelets or bangles and necklaces, rings and novelty earrings are also a firm favourite with many people who love vintage inspired accessories. Plastic marbled rings were popular in the 50’s and featured colours like emerald or amethyst which are fashionable vintage accessories which are often chunky and eye-catching.

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