Retro loving women everywhere know that every vintage inspired outfit needs a few finishing touches just that really complete the whole look. From head scarves, turbans and bandannas to knit hair snoods, workwear for women is sorted out in the hair department. For transitional day or evening looks, a pretty flower or an extra-large bow could be worn pinned to the side of the head to add a little oomph to your outfit. Modern vintage pin-up looks often feature floral clips or flowers worn in the hair instead of a hat. These flowers could be big or small, for example, they could be a set of daisies or the kind that demand attention like big blooming roses. In the 1940’s as hairstyles become more elaborate and complicated, hair accessories became just as important, and for the vintage lover today that means lots of added accentuating pieces. Classic vintage hairstyles such as rolls, pin curls and faux bangs are often time consuming to complete and would demand attention to detail. Alongside the perfectly crafted hairstyle, vintage hair accessories are very necessary for ensuring your look is complete.

The general theme with a lot of vintage hair accessories is tidiness. Hair snoods and turbans work by encasing the hair by cooping underneath the nape of the neck, holding the hair in place. Vintage inspired snoods will often come in crotched style which is very much like the 1940’5 and 50’s style. As always with retro inspired accessories the range of colours, prints and designs are incredibly wide and varied, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to pairing your hair accessories with your outfit and ensuring the perfect pin-up look.
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